Along the passage from southwestern China to the costal districts, there is a beautiful and natural bridge city, Duyun, which seems like a bright pearl inlayed in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau.
  In the new century, thanks to the Seventeenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the nation's policy of ``Developing the West'' as well as the adherence of scientific developing notion, not only the GDP, financial income and investment capital in Duyun have increased rapidly with its growth rate above 10 percent but also the living condition of Duyun people has improved notably.
  Duyun has gained a series titles of honor, such as Top Tourist City of China, Model Cultural City of China, National Advanced City in Technological Progress、National Excellent Gardenlike City、Advanced Economy City of Guizhou, Garden City of Guizhou, Civilized City of Guizhou, etc. Expansion project of the old town has been undertaken since 90s last century, Duyun has widen 10 square kilometers of its urban area. Till 2005, its urbanization rate has reached 46.2 per cent.
  In Duyun, there are national scenic spots—Doupeng Mountain-Jianjiang river and national forest park—Qingyunhu with jasper water and luxuriant green trees, which form a harmonious environment.
  Duyun is believed charming for the 18 kilometers' clean and bright Jianjiang river water; for its weeping willow along the banks; for its rainbow-like bridges across the river and its buildings row upon row whose shadow falls on the river. At night, all sorts of colorful neon lamps will be all full on, shinning upon the Jianjiang River with a poetic atmosphere.
  Duyun is considered charming, also for Doupeng Mountain, for its meandering ridge and deep valley; for its racing waterfall and sluggish stream. Deep in the dense forest, there are ancient post roads and sites leaving us with puzzles, remain- perplexed.
  Duyun is attractive for its Old Stone Street as well. Built in Ming and Qing period, the Old Stone Street witnessed tremendous changes of the ancient city. Crunching up the ancient path, it seems as if one can hear the bells of horse and flap of their hoofs from afar accompanying with the echo of ancient buildings around. All of those inspire visitors to go further.
  As a city with a history of more than 600 years, Duyun has both modern and ancient buildings. It embodies both Han's extensiveness and profound with other minorities' colorfulness and distinction, which composes a harmonious social community as well as a natural ecology presenting with not only the landscape of a plateau bridge city, but also its own unique glamour.
Duyun thus will be the best choice for you to live, visit, take vacation as well as set up your own undertaking.