The World Trade Center in a total investment of 10 billion yuan will be settled in DuYun


    On July 29, the World Trade Center Association Asia Pacific delegation visited DuYun,and had an optimistic view of DuYun's better investment environment, ecological niche, development potential and other advantages. One member of the World Trade Center Association Asia Pacific--WTO (Asia) Investment Holdings Ltd signed a contract with Duyun government and then would plan to invest about RMB 10 billion in the the construction of the World Trade Center in DuYun.

    At present,DuYun has been included in the"Qianzhong Economic Zone", with the aim to develop to the "Double Hundred City" (a population of a million , an area of 100 square kilometers).At the same time, the government will be according to the new concept of "Big Economic Circle of DuYun",and the construction general demand of "one river(Jianjiang river)with two towns(old town and new town economic development zone),and the construction of big DUYun", We will be scientific planning of city layout, and will have built 5 bridges across the Jianjiang river,then build the viaduct dimensional traffic system in four exports of DuYun and two or more three-dimensional intelligent parking systems in the city. We not only want to retain the Qiannan ethnic characteristics,but also focus on the modern, fashion, international city. And we will make great efforts to build DuYun into an ecological city in the south of Guizhou, and into a leisure vitalistic and ecological city.

    According to the relevant people who in charge of the Asia Pacific Region of World Trade Center Association, there reached an agreement between WTCA and DuYun government that they will build a project with 100 trillion RMB in the center of DuYun ,which will cover 500 mu. This project include many aspects, such as the business office ,restaurant , shopping center of entertainment , exhibition, public house , club for entrepreneur , holiday resort , living room , schools and so on.

    They think that this project is result from the both sides mutual benefit and believe in and hope that it will have a good consequence. The World Trade Center will become the bridge to link DuYun and foreign world. It allows people to know DuYun better, to invest in and live in . It also makes the people who are in DuYun regard the World Trade Center as an important stage to improve their abilities and open the globe market. When the project is finished, it will become a window the world to know DuYun.

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