DuYun will build double hundred city


    From this year on the state of Qiannan and DuYun city will make Joint efforts to built DuYun into "double hundred" city with a population of a million and an area of 100 square kilometers by 2 or 3 years of efforts, and constantly improving living environment which will make both the old and new citizens really feel "better city, better life".

    DuYun will implement the "Pull southern and northern area while eastern and western area being expanded" policy, which can contribute a lot to make a better and bigger center town. Meanwhile, we will start and promote the construction of urban complex such as Hexi Area, Jianhua Area, Hong Dayuan Area, Shanshui Yuncheng Area, Southwest specialty City, Southeast warehousing and logistics building business city and so forth. In the next place, Jianjiang River landscape is the keypoint of combining historical and cultural protection with tourism development. The government will put more emphasis on "One river, two springs and six parks"construction. In addition, DuYun will carry out the plan that forging Stone Street extension, Shanshui Yuncheng scenic belt, Old train station-Wenfeng Park-Ma'an Mountain slope landscape to build some featured blocks. `Two horizontal two longitudinal' road network construction is another project under the Dunyun government plan, which is aimed at improving the road network of the city gradually. Furthermore, speeding up artery construction of the city, improving urban function and building Duyun economic zone into overall urban planning is also a driving force to the goal of making Duyun's northern new town Gantang production city and Duyun economic zone line up.

    By 2015, DuYun urban landscape will change fundamentally. Main roads of newly built areas will exceed 60km while urban area will expand over 20 square kilometers. Predictable, urbanization rate will reach at 60%. In conclusion, DuYun struggle for forging Qianzhong economic zone, sourthern area center city of Guizhou Province, south western sea relaxing on the fast-track city and get accepted as a green city by world.

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